Some rules and tyre tips

There are several places on the internet where you can find rules and tips for tyres.  This type of tyreinformation can include when you should and when you have to use winter tyres, what is winter surfaces, required tread depth, all-round tyres or all-year tyre and storage. Also, when you are not allowed to use winter tyres.

All these facts are important for you to know. You don’t want to do something that might be illegal or unsafe. Driving with summer tyres during the legally defined winter season can be both illegal and very dangerous. Make sure that you do some research and read more about these rules and tips so that you stay safe and legal.

You should also learn how to use the EU tyre label, this will give you good input on how to use it to ensure that you get tyres that have low fuel consumption, good safety by having low braking distance on wet surfaces and then you have low tyre noise, which can become important especially for electric vehicles.

It is however important to understand that for winter tyres, they are not the best instrument for judging tyres, as the tyres are tested in wrong temperature conditions for winter tyres, and you therefore can’t judge how well they will perform in winter conditions. You therefore have to take also tests of winter tyres into considerations. With a combination of information, you can get manage to select tyres that are good.

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