Invests into proper premium winter tyres for your electric vehicle or hybrid

Hybrid vehicles are great as they can use both electricity and gasoline to consume less fuel.  These vehicles are a combination of gasoline-fueled vehicles and electric ones. Since you aren´t using the combustion engine the whole time, they emit less CO2 and an environmentally friendlier car. You want to equip tyres with low rolling resistance to consume even less fuel and get further with every electrical charge. You should also check that the tyres are intended for electric cars, as they are heavier and will need more wear-resistant tyres so that they don’t wear out too quickly.

Ensure that the winter tyres are premium tyres of high quality. Investing in tyres of high quality is very important as they are more durable and keep you safer.  They have better properties when it comes to both grip and braking distance. These properties work together to keep you out from accidents. The ability to stop your vehicle quickly is essential.

Even with good tyres, winter weather is challenging enough, so don’t make it harder by selecting sub-optimal tyres. You will need to check different tyre tests done by car magazines for objective results. It is important to check the various parts of the tests that make up the overall rating for the tyres. Not all the parts included are important for you. Check the various tests, picking the important parts, and summarizing them on your own will probably lead to the best tyre option for you and your vehicle. You can also use the EU tyre label information as an additional source of easily accessible information. The only problem with that information is that nothing indicates how well they perform on winter surfaces. However, the tyre noise and the fuel consumption measured by rolling resistance will be important even for winter tyres.

The rolling resistance is also dependent on your tyre pressure, so if you have too low tyre pressure, the rolling resistance will increase. Increased rolling resistance also leads to increased tyre wear. This is why it is important that you rotate the tyres to eliminate differences in tread depth between the rear and the front tyres. It is recommended to change place between the front and rear tyres when you have a difference of 5/64 inches. It has been reported that the rotation tends to be more frequent for electric and hybrid vehicles. To reduce unnecessary wear, it is important to make sure that you have the correct tyre pressure.

Tyres that are recommended for use on electric vehicles and hybrids will have them mentioned by the manufacturer. You have the full range of tyres that are recommended for hybrids, including snow and winter tyres. When you are about to change from all-season tyres, make sure that you change in time before the winter weather arrives. If there is no mention that the tyres are recommended for electric vehicles or hybrids, you are better off choosing tyres that are recommended.

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