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What Made League of Legends Popular?

One long and popular online game is League of Legends, famously called LOL. The first time it became publicized was on the 27th of October, 2009. Since then, numerous layers got hooked on this multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. 

The online match was a by-product of the Defense of the Ancients, where two team players battle with each other until one’s base is destroyed. On the map, a custom-made map that originally emerged in Warcraft III, players would pilot champions and seize the opponent’s base on the other side to claim victory. 

Despite its success, what makes LOL different than other MOBA games that made it popular?

Persistent Changes

Each year, a multitude of modifications occur in the digital world. Various of these are for user experience enhancement, and the good thing is LOL keeps developing with patches every two weeks. 

They mainly modify the balance of champions and items, forming the entire META. LOL was manufactured when there was a specific time; many more patrons are playable.

Still, all match is unique. It has various combinations of over 150 champions and any random elemental dragons. When it comes to the items, many were deleted, changed, and reworked. 

All these amendments are a good strategy for engaging players with the already thrilling game. 

Broadening Media

In today’s digital world, multiple individuals are more occupied with playing online. However, players tend to switch games while circulating the same gameplay. This is why the League of Legends’ world is becoming bigger because of built other video games, such as:

  • Ruined King: A League of Legends Story differs entirely from the usual MOBA entertainment since it is a strategy game focusing only on a few characters.
  • Legends of Runeterra is more of a build-your-own deck card game.
  • Other in-production video games involve action RPGs (role-playing games) and other fighting games set in the world of LOL.
  • Another good set of media opportunities is the amazing success of the Netflix and Riot Games show titled Arcane.

Esports, Eternals, and Other Events

Esports is the short-term for electronic sports. This is where all pro gamers compete using video games. LOL is always present in the lineups of this famous competition. It is actually what many viewers are waiting to stream in the live sports in one of the best online bettings in Singapore.

Apart from that, it also has different events that keep players more engrossed in the game, like:

  • Pool Party
  • Christmas Events
  • Halloween
  • Ruination
  • And more

The game also has arranged missions and rewards to motivate players more.

These are the common reasons why League of Legends became popular in the video games realm. 

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