What is Quiet Quitting and How Can Leaders Help?

Everybody desires to be in a company where employers value their work and progression. But, with the delegated hybrid setup, some are having difficulty progressing and experiencing quiet quitting.

The quiet quitting ideology is not about literally resigning from work. It is where an individual refuses the hustle culture. People who experience such dismisses providing excessive work and focusing on finishing what is only on necessary task. Zald Khan, a 24-year-old engineer from New York, is the one who began this phrase. In one of his trending TikTok videos, he mentioned that it is not about outright leaving a person’s job but more about abandoning the idea of transcending their work without equitable compensation. The public already had a mixed reaction to the phrase, as it has attracted so much attention. Some believe that employees are lazy and disinterested in their work by quitting quietly.

While quiet quitting is a normal emotion for people since it is how they deal with burnout, exhaustion at work can be challenging. It is a risk for a firm’s workers to experience since it can sap a person’s energy. Although it might seem negative, it is a good impression that encourages work and life stability. Furthermore, practising such an approach will help an individual to be more driven. Once their passion at work returns, they will be more productive and happier, making it a primary part of leadership development.

Several approaches are obtainable for leaders to generate quiet quitting to a company’s benefit. They can establish management programs, such as administering scope creep, minimising every meeting’s duration, providing a break, utilising email efficiently, valuing the essence of work-life balance, and appreciating their team’s skills and effort. These are the general factors executives must practise diminishing job burnout.

To learn more about quiet quitting and how it can help to be better, read the infographic below created and designed by Corporate Learning Solutions.