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Not All Biometrics are Created Equal: Why FIDO2 Passwordless Authentication is Top of the Line

With the rise of online transactions such as purchases and payments, some users may get worried about their safety and their money and private information. Most security system providers now offer better, up-to-date protection packages to counter hackers and data breaches.

Amid the global health situation under the COVID-19 pandemic, more people have learned to rely on smartphones, gadgets, and the internet in order to buy and find everything they need or want. This includes daily necessities, school, work supplies, devices, etc. 

And because of the increase in these online transactions, which can be vulnerable to tech-savvy hackers and breachers, different online payment, banking, and shop companies choose to implement stronger security protection. Compared to the traditional alphanumeric combination as passwords for users and the eKYC or the electronic Know Your Customer system, the latest security measures are proven more effective and harder to hack at least. Some now have passwordless authentication, online biometrics, 2 Factor Authentication, etc.

But as a user, keep in mind that these different security measures aren’t made equally and differ from one another. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages like coverage, costing, user-friendliness level, and strength against hackers and breachers.

It will be helpful if users can familiarize themselves with the different security measures like biometric identity verification to fully understand and utilize each type and be safer against any ill intentions towards their accounts. Users, especially the older ones who are just getting versed with technology recently, need to learn the different types of frauds these hackers and breachers use so that they can avoid getting into their tricks. This includes email or text phishing, posing as the owners to retrieve vital information, and more.

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