laser cutting in Perth

Laser etching aluminium and Laser cutting in Perth

If you are interested in laser etching aluminium and cutting, you’ve come to the right place. Artcom Fabrication is Perth’s leading provider of these services. Read on to learn more about their laser cutting and etching aluminum services.

Laser etching aluminum

The cutting process of aluminium is much faster than laser etching because the process does not require any contact with the material. This means that the laser beam does not have to be focused, which makes it easier to create a clean cut. The process is also safer because the material does not have to be clamped down during the cutting process, making it less likely to damage the material.

The CO2 laser uses a metal cutting head

CO2 lasers are more flexible than fibre lasers because they can work on various materials, including aluminium. The CO2 laser’s cutting-edge quality remains consistent throughout the material thickness, whereas fibre laser cutting becomes less effective as the material thickness increases.

Fibre laser uses a moving material

Unlike conventional cutting methods, fibre laser etching aluminum and laser cutting in Perth use a moving material to make minor, precise marks. A fibre laser uses every power it generates to etch deep into the material. These tiny marks are fragile and require solid and flexible materials to withstand high heat.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a process that uses a concentrated laser beam to cut and mark a variety of materials. This process is fast and does not require extensive tooling. In addition, lasers are compatible with automation, and their ability to precisely control a depth and angle makes them an excellent choice for high-volume manufacturing settings. In addition, lasers can engrave three-dimensionally on a variety of materials. They can also access the interior cavities of metal components.

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