Electric VS. Manual: Which One Is For You? 

Manual shutters can be lifted or pulled down manually. You can turn the crank to make it smoother. On the other hand, Electric Roller Shutters have an attached motor that lifts and lowers the heavy lifting. An electric shutter can be equipped with an auto-locking and opening feature, a security keypad, or a fingerprint lock.

Reasons Why You Should Get A Manual Roller Shutter

For shops, storefronts, and storage facilities

Manual Roller Shutter is the best option for shops. Because you only open and close your store once a day. Having this type of shutter will save you money on electricity bills. It is also suitable for storage units because they can be accessed on time.

Window shutters

Manual Shutters can be used to make window covering. They are small and don’t require much power to open. This will save you money.

Reasons Why You Should Get an Electric Shutter

Age or disability

Do not stress anyone with a disability, senior citizen, or a household member. Installing electric shutters will make their lives easier, provide security and have access to the regular parts of the building.


This is an important function because you may not realize that you need a motor to lift your Shutters.

Roller shutter doors of small to medium sizes can be easily raised or lowered  by hand. Large shutters, however, are an entirely different story. Lifting a large Shutter door roller on your own might be difficult.

To make your life easier, paying a higher price for these shutters is better. Large industrial shutters should almost always use electric power.

Frequency of use

You might not need the electrification of your shutters if you only use them for a few months.

If you plan to use your shutters daily, electric shutters are the best option. This will prevent you from lifting and lowering huge sheets of metal.

High-Security Zone

Electric shutters are the best option for high-security zones. These doors offer the same security features as the manual Roller Shutter doors but with additional security measures.

You can use passcodes and fingerprint locks with electric shutters. This will increase your security as there is no such thing as too many securities.

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