Causes of Cash Flow Problems and How to Solve Them ( Infographics )

Cash flow management is an essential business task that will keep your business afloat. It is essential to ensure that you pay employees their wages and have enough money to cover overhead and business expenses with proper cash flow management. Because if not, it can lead your company to financial ruin. 

In this article are some of the most common cash flow issues and how to fix them.

No Cash Reserve

Your business’s emergency cash reserve is the amount of money you have to cover unexpected or short-term financial emergencies. When faced with high overhead costs, having a low or insufficient cash reserve can lead to cash flow problems for your business. When your daily expenses, such as rent and utilities, are higher than your sales volume, this can lead to some cash flow problems for your business in the future.

To address this concern, ensure you have sufficient cash reserves to cover any eventualities, you must regularly monitor your cash reserve with the help of a small business bookkeeping app. Deposit a portion of your income to increase your cash reserve fund; this will help avoid cash flow problems due to large expenses.

Late Payments

Late payment is the leading cause of cash flow problems. You may experience cash flow problems if a customer fails to pay on time or has a long repayment term; this could prevent you from fulfilling your business’s obligations: payments to employees and creditors and providing quality services.

The solutions to this are (1) Making sure you enforce strict due dates and penalizing late payments. (2) Customers who pay their invoices quickly will receive a discount. (3) Use a free invoice maker app to keep track of your invoices, streamline the sending and receiving of payments, and help you organize them.

Check out this infographic and learn more reasons about the causes of cash flow problems and how to solve them.

Causes of Cash Flow Problems and How to Solve Them