Car Window Tinting: What You Should Know

Now that the Year 2021 is about to end, many people are thinking of something new or changes to welcome the Year 2022. Some people would first think of changing their outfit styles or starting their fitness goal. Meanwhile, for car owners, they would indeed concentrate on improving their cars.

However, doing some enhancements on cars can cost you a lot. Fortunately, there is an inexpensive way to innovate your vehicle, and that is through window tinting.

What is car window tinting?

Car window tinting is the technique of darkening vehicle glass to minimize Visible Light Transference (VLT) — the amount of visible light that goes through the glass. If you want to have window tinting, you should look for a skilled specialist in window tinting in Gaithersburg, MD.

Advantages of Tint Films

  1. Protecting privacy. Others will not be able to look into your automobile if you use window film for day and night privacy. Furthermore, it reduces the chance of theft.
  2. Improving safety. When you drive, car window tinting improves your safety. Not only will the sun’s glare bother you less, but window glass will not shatter in the event of a traffic collision.
  3. Blocking ultraviolet rays. Tinted windows block 99% of UV rays. As a result, they protect your skin and eyes, as well as your vehicle, car seats, and vinyl, from fading.
  4. Reducing the temperature. Professionally tinted windows can reduce heat by more than 60% and improve the comfort of your trip.
  5. Decorative effect. Though you should avoid using too dark shades, window tint does add to the car’s appeal. Also, it not only improves the aesthetics of your windows but can also boost their worth due to the variety of grades and designs available.

Types of Tint Films

  • Infrared film: This window tint not only blocks UV rays and heat, but it also allows for optimal visibility. You will not worry about your state’s window tinting rules if you use this film. These tints are also made to resist fading, peeling, and chipping for years.
  • Metallic film: This window tint is highly resistant to UV radiation and heat. Unfortunately, metallic film can interfere with mobile phone and GPS signals, so it is not a wise idea if you use your phone’s apps frequently.
  • Carbon film: Carbon tint, like metallic tint, has a higher UV and heat-blocking capacity than other film forms, but it was created without metal to allow GPS and cell phone signals to pass through.

If you want to ensure that your car window tinting is done professionally, you can rely on experts in car window tinting in Pearland, TX.