How Boost Leaks Affect Your Power And Economy

Boost leaks, also called cat-boating and blown out pipes, are typical auto repair problems often found during routine maintenance visits. When a car’s air conditioning system cools down, it usually shifts itself into a throttle position or bogs down. This causes the vehicle to run rough around the gears and makes it difficult to accelerate and decelerate properly. In extreme cases, the clutch might even lock up as the engine continues to run rough, and the car can end up coming to a screeching halt. Knowing what you need to know about boost leaks can save you time, money and a hassle in the long run.

Cat-boating occurs when a car’s cooling system is working too hard to cool down a hot engine. The leak then appears as a small number of coolants escapes from the overheated valve. This coolant continues to work through the motor attempting to make contact with the walls of the leak and provide relief. This provides the illusion that the problem has been fixed, but the problem is still there. With the increased pressure, the leak continues to expand, and before you know it, you’re being blown out of your car.

Several different sources can cause boost leaks. It’s essential to find out what you can that will allow you to fix your particular problem so that it doesn’t recur again. Common causes include worn piston seals, dirty oil filters and dirty solenoid valves. If you find yourself struggling with one of these problems, you will need to replace the part immediately and get your car back on track. Once you’ve taken care of these problems, you can move on to other potential leaks.

For more information about boost leaks, check out this infographic.

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