Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History (Infographic)

Many people love to bet on sports, and many fans can join in on the action by betting on the teams they support in the hopes of winning their bets. Bettors can have access to many different betting markets when betting through an SG bet casino with excellent sportsbooks, and they can combine these bets in a parlay to increase their potential winnings. Many bettors did just this or placed exotic bets in horse races that resulted in them raking in the money after getting lucky with their bets.

Most professional bettors don’t rely on luck to be successful in sports betting, and only a small number of people counted themselves lucky by winning big on a few casual bets. Most of these big winners with small bankrolls bet on jackpots, long odds parlays, and exotic bets. Several of them even placed single-digit bets and went home with seven-digit wins.

Steve Whiteley is one example who placed a £2 bet on a free horse racing ticket and got lucky with £1.45 million of winnings. He won this on an Exeter Tote with one of the horses already lost 28 of its previous races. Steve picked the horses randomly and ended up choosing a terrible horse from a statistical standpoint, but it allowed him to luck out and make millions from a single bet.

Fred Craggs is another bettor who became a millionaire after staking 50p on an eight-leg parlay of different horse races worldwide. He didn’t even have a clue that he won until he returned to the local bookmaker, where he placed the bet to place another. He obviously didn’t have any strategy in mind and didn’t expect anything to come out of the bet since he wasn’t expecting to withdraw any winnings.

After betting through sportsbooks, local or otherwise, the world has seen many other big bet winners and taking advantage of parlays and jackpots. Singaporean bettors can achieve the same by placing a Singapore sport bet through an online casino with great sportsbooks. See this infographic by CM2Bet on the biggest sports betting wins in history for more information.

Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History