Biggest Parlay Bet Wins in History | Infographic

Earning money on sports betting can be challenging, but there are many punters who consistently win. On top of that, some professional bettors make money out of sports betting. These bettors usually play at the most reputable betting sites and from the best online casino in Singapore. 

If you want to win big, use time-tested strategies to gain an advantage over the sports you are betting on, and utilize what your sportsbook offers. However, some rely solely on luck and jackpots. 

Another technique to increase your chances of winning is to get inspired by the biggest wins that happened ages ago. If you are wondering what the most rewarding sport that you can place your wager on is, the parlay is on the list.  

In history, Steve Whitely won the biggest parlay bet. He accumulated a total of £1,445,671.71 during a horse racing parlay. Whiteley, a North Tawton heating engineer, has never visited the track and knows nothing about horse racing. He randomly chose his bet, and going back with what made him win, and he opted these bets: 

· Semi-colon (2-1)

· Black Phantom (12-1)

· Ammunition (16-1)

· Mr. Bennet (16-1)

· Lundy Sky (5-1)

· Lupita (12-1)

Aside from this win, other successful bettors like Fred Craggs, BetMGM bettors, and some anonymous bettors had accumulated big through parlay betting. It is rewarding to place such wagers knowing that you can win from them. On the contrary, you must also be a responsible bettor since these wins can be a total opposite sometimes or even at most times, so you need to watch what you wager. If you are wondering where to start your sports betting journey, there are plenty of ways to do it in Singapore or in Malaysia horse racing live today.  In line with the biggest parlay win in history, to more about it, you can see this infographic from CM2BET.

Biggest Parlay Bet Wins in History