Biggest Futures Bet Wins – Infographic

Betting has been part of people’s lives for such a long time. Since its introduction to the public, it has been among the most well-loved pastimes for many. And because of betting’s long existence, gamblers have come up with different strategies and gambling styles they can use in Singapore pool sports betting and the like.

One of the most popular betting styles players can use for Singapore pools sports football is outright or futures betting. Futures bets are wagers placed on events that are yet to occur. And because of the future’s unpredictable nature, winning in an outright betting can become a little complicated. However, there are a few notable cases where bettors placed a small wager and won enormous amounts of money.

Some examples of those are Nicholas Newlife and Peter Edwards.

Nicholas Newlife is a bettor who placed a £1,500 wager on Roger Federer. His bet is about Federer winning his seventh Wimbledon title, a decade before it was possible. While Newlife’s chances were only 66 to 1, the bettor won a whopping £100,000.

Federer accomplished his feat in 2012, but Newlife died in 2009. Fortunately, the latter was able to fix his will before his passing and made it clear that all of his subsequent gambling winnings should be donated to Oxfam International.

Another example is Peter Edwards. Edwards is a grandfather who placed a bet on his grandchild. Edwards bet that Harry Wilson, his grandchild, would soon play professional soccer in Wales. Edwards confidently placed a bet, despite the 2,500 to 1 odds.

Wilson was 16 years old when he became a soccer star, making him the youngest player to represent Wales. Edwards won £125,000 for betting on his grandchild. After winning this bet, Edwards immediately retired.

Newlife and Edwards did not have a specific strategy when they placed their bets. They simply relied on luck and were fortunate enough to win great sums of cash. While winning a futures bet can be pretty tricky, it does not mean that you cannot use this style when betting. After all, gambling is not just about complicated tactics but also probabilities and luck. You can continue reading this infographic by CM2BET if you are interested in learning more about the biggest futures bet wins.

Biggest Futures Bet Wins