Benefits of SUV summer versus SUV all-season tyres

If you live in an area that allows you to use SUV summer tyres all year round, then the benefits of SUV summer tyres outweigh the SUV all-season tyres, especially in the summer. This is because summer tyres do not have the 3PMSF (3-peak mountain snowflake)-symbol implying that they can be used even in severe winter conditions. This means that have a tread design that can handle snow and ice. With the all-season tyres, they still allow for use during the summer. They have optimized the tread, often with different zones to allow for ultimate performance both during the summer and winter.

The SUV summer tyres are basically made to be driven all year round if you live in a place without any winter conditions. The summer tyres are great from spring through autumn, whereas the all-season tyres are made to also handle winters conditions. This is because the all-season tyres are a hybrid of winter tyres and summer tyres. If you live in an area without a cold season, the best choice would be SUV summer tyres like the Nokian Wetproof SUV tyres. They are specially made to support heavier SUV vehicles throughout the year with excellent handling and stability. If you then have the fourth season, i.e., winter, then you will need to change to winter tyres for the duration of that season.

These all-season tyres will ensure that we get the most use of your SUV; it also allows for one set of tyres throughout the year, which is a great financial advantage as SUV tyres especially can be quite expensive, but of course you will wear them out faster since you are using them all-year round and not alternating between two sets of tyres. What is important if you are only using one set of tyres is that you rotate the tyres. This is traditionally done when you change between summer and winter tyres, but since you are not doing that you have to measure the tread depth and rotate the tyres when you notice a difference in tyre wear of more than 2-3 mm.

SUV summer tyres like the Nokian Wetproof SUV take advantage of many new technologies like the “Aramid Sidewalls”. This sidewall reinforcement is extremely durable and puncture-resistant, as it is made of extremely strong aramid fibres. This is great when wanting to drive your SUV in off-road situations or just on rocky fire roads. It also provides additional safety when encountering any potholes on roads or curbs while parking. They are made to allow for controlled driving comfort, excellent handling and stability with the extra protection against aquaplaning. This is something that is important all through the year, even in the summer when dry summer roads can become a hazard for aquaplaning after a heavy rain shower. This is actually the biggest reason for accidents in the summer, and believe it, or not most accidents actually occur in the summertime.

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