29 Top Video Submission Sites + 5 Free Video Creation Tools and More

video submission sitesVideo has become an essential part of the Internet. Many bloggers use video instead of written posts, videos are used as instructional aids, on sales pages and of course, since YouTube became so huge, using video as a promotional and link building tool for websites is one of the fundamental aspects of SEO. Millions of people visit YouTube everyday, as well as other video submission sites, the video’s are included in most every SERP result in Google and once again if you make sure to properly SEO optimize each video submission with keywords, tags and a savvy researched keyword title, you will be amazed at the places it will show up over a short period of time making video just one more point of entry to your websites.

Free Video Creation/Screen Capture Software
I think many people are squeamish about using video because they think it’s a complicated proposition, and they need a web cam, or some high tech equipment to create videos, well this is not true. Below is a list of the top free video creation tools that actually record what is on your  computer screen and your voice in the background and that provides a lot of options to make videos for any type of niche.

Cam Studio – The cream of the crop for open source video creation and screen capture and completely free! Add music, voice overs and more.

Jaycut – Create marketing videos or slideshows quickly with this online video editor, which is browser-based, can run on mobile  devices and free. Ability to remix and trim videos; add music, transitions, effects, captions and subtitles, automated transcoding and 1 click export to YouTube and Facebook.

Adobe Premier Express – Made for newbies, easy to use and all you need is a web browser and Adobe Flash® Player, which most of us have on our PC’s. This is an online based video creation editor that can reorder, split, and trim your video clips; add music, transitions, and titles; add your favorite photos, graphics, and animation.

JING – Make short videos, capture screenshots and add your own labels and writing to them. There is a free version and a pro version for a few bucks per year.

GFX Video Writer – GFX Video Writer is not free, but it is cheap and very useful as it converts written articles into videos. Import an existing article to create a series of slides, then format each slide with fonts, colors, etc… add images if desired and background music from the software or do slide-by-slide voice overs and much more.

Top Video Submission Sites
Here are some of the top video submission sites where you can submit your videos, get backlinks and free website promotion.

www.youtube.com – PR9 – You do get a dofollow link back to your site in your channel profile.

http://vimeo.com – PR9
www.flickr.com – PR9
www.video.google.com – PR9
www.video.yahoo.com – PR9
www.photobucket.com – PR8
www.dailymotion.com – PR8
www.scribd.com – PR8
wordpress.tv – PR8
photobucket.com – PR7
www.blip.tv – PR7
www.metacafe.com – PR7
qik.com – PR7
www.viddler.com – PR7
MySpace – PR9
Facebook – PR10
www.stupidvideos.com – PR6
www.buzznet.com – PR6
www.stickam.com – PR6
www.gofish.com – PR6
www.livevideo.com – PR6
www.flixya.com – PR5
www.videowebtown.com/community/index.php – PR5
vidmax.com – PR5
www.thatshow.com – PR4 – How-to video guides
www.clipchef.com – PR4 Cooking/recipe videos

Automatic Video Submission Software

TubeMogul Free – This is a very interesting site that offers a variety of video submission, distribution and tracking capabilities, I think it will be very effective for video marketing.

TubeMogul OneLoad is a free service that provides a single point for deploying videos to the top video and social networking sites. Users can also leverage our Destinations  functionality to easily distribute to custom sites as well as encode and create RSS feeds to syndicate your video anywhere. OneLoad distribution is accompanied by our powerful analytics showing you who, what and where videos are being viewed. In addition, TubeMogul’s InPlay® analytics (for supported sites), provide the most advanced suite of video analytics on the market. See real-time viewership, audience engagement, geographic tracking, stream quality and much more for your videos.

Video Submission Assistant ProFree! Haven’t tried this myself, but it’s free and submits video to several sites.

Video Post RobotThis is one of the most popular video submission software tools, but they are not taking new sign ups now, you can still go over and get on the alert list.

Info for Video Publishing on Your Own Sites

Google Crawling and Indexing Video – Best Practices

Video Sitemaps 101 – Making Your Videos Searchable from Google – If you are putting videos on your own sites or blogs then you should read this.

What kind of experiences have you had with video marketing? Any video submission sites or tools I missed please leave in comments.

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