Best Submission Sites to Make Articles go Viral

Article marketing is one of the greatest and most effective Internet Marketing strategies and has 3 very strong benefits.

1. Article marketing is one of the best and easiest ways to get one-way backlinks to your sites for search engine optimization and link building.

2. Article marketing is a great way to get direct relevant and targeted traffic to your websites, by utilizing the correct keywords. Read the step-by-step guide to Article Marketing for Backlinks and Getting Direct Traffic.

3. Article marketing has a viral effect. Many article sites utilize what is called a Creative Commons copyright license, which basically means that anyone can reprint the articles you submit and then reprint on their sites, as long as, all content is retained, the credit is given to the original author, and the backlinks to your sites are kept intact within the article.

This creates a great viral opportunity for your websites because when your articles are reprinted your links are then spread all over the web giving you great exposure and traffic for your websites.

As I have always said Unique Article Wizard submission service is the best way to submit articles. Article Marketer submits my articles to over 5,000 sites and 14,000 publishers for a very low price, especially considering the exposure and the time/work it saves me. And, realistically how long would it take you to submit even one article to that many sites? I love Unique Article Wizard, I use them and strongly recommend them, for the most exposure, the most backlinks, optimizing your campaigns and as the biggest time saver.

While Unique Article Wizard submits to the top article marketing sites, I did want to let you know of three specific article sites that are more lenient, as they allow hyperlinks within the article body and not just in the “about the author section”.

These three sites are great for the viral effect because, as opposed to Ezine Articles, for example, that exposes your articles to a large amount of in-house traffic, these sites are highly used by lots of webmasters looking for free content for their websites.

Article Dashboard PR6
Amazines PR3
Article City PR6
Article Alley – PR5

There are many article sites that are primarily set up for submitting articles with the purpose of reprinting and I have tested many of them, but these three always get the best results.

Since submitting my articles to these sites, more than 25 of those articles have been downloaded by other webmasters between 20-40 times each and reprinted on their sites. This means MASSIVE exposure for my websites.

The key, of course, to getting reprinted is writing articles that have good titles and are well written, learn more at my post: Are You Writing Garbage – Keys to Writing Effective Articles.

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